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Serious tennis players search endlessly for that extra push that will edge out their competitors and put them at the top of their game. Dedicated tennis athletes will make use of every tool available to them to improve their performance, agility, speed, and level of fitness. Maneuvering around the court with ease takes practice and skill, but eventually you will hit on the confidence you need to be the best athlete you can be.

SKLZ has developed an array of tennis training equipment that will improve every aspect of your game. In the Skill Trainers category, you will find the Powerbase Tennis Trainer, a multi-skill solo trainer that improves your skills and increases your power, speed, and stamina. Aerobic activity is very important for tennis players, who must develop endurance, agility, flexibility, and strength to play their best. SKLZ performance tools will help you achieve your fitness goals on and off the court. SKLZ warm-up and recovery tools will help you remain flexible before, during, and after your match, while preventing injuries. A variety of massage tools, balls, and rollers target large and small muscle groups for quicker after-match recovery. For strength training, SKLZ resistance bands, straps, and weight training tools will increase your power on the court. Agility training equipment will help you change direction quickly and easily, while making you stronger and faster. The Balanz Board and stability balls can be used for flexibility training that will also increase your stamina during a match.

Your performance on the court requires passion, dedication, and a lot of practice. No matter how far you’ve come in your tennis training, SKLZ will take you even further.