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SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer

Get Your SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer at bit.ly/1FX2W56 Passing, receiving and settling for ground and air — the Quickster Soccer Trainer’s patented design and true-roll action give players the reps they need to master first and second touches.

SKLZ Kickback

With its unique design and highly durable elastic cord, the Kickback lets players get the reps they need, without retrieving balls. Available at bit.ly/1G9G43E

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Combo System

Available at: http://www.sklz.com/soccer/quickster-8x5-combo/QKS-8X5CB-000.html See the versatility of the Quickster soccer net, and the ways it can be used for many different training drills. Watch the quick and easy transition between the configurations of this soccer training equipment. 2 Nets, 1 Frame - quickly switch between the 8' x 5' goal for shooting and the rebounder for passing and receiving, using the revolutionary Quickster technology. The ease of the soccer training system allows you to set it up or break it down in under two minutes.

To compete effectively in the world’s most popular sport, you need well-trained skills, plenty of practice and in-depth knowledge of the game. That is where SKLZ comes in. We offer the most advanced soccer training equipment because we are passionate about innovation. Our training products can help you refine your talents, develop an effective training routine, and sharpen your unique skills to a fine edge. Read below to learn more about our soccer gear, and how we can assist you with finding the right tools for your field drills.

Agility poles offer several ways to improve your practice sessions and increase your foot speed, agility, and dribbling skills. You can position the agility poles in patterns to design unlimited training paths. Use them as obstacles or markers as well. We offer complete sets that break down for easy storage, and they include carrying bags for easy transport.

Learn to sharpen your passing and ball handling with the passing arcs. Improve your dribbling performance by including the passing arcs in your obstacle course drills. Configure goal targets to use during solo or team practice. The durable plastic construction will last through many team drills. Whatever you want to improve, SKLZ has the training gear to help you get strong for soccer.