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SKLZ Star Kick Introduction There are many aspects to soccer training, and you can easily practice with a solo soccer trainer! The solo trainer allows players to practice ball handling and reaction time, without the use of a partner. This is a necessary piece of soccer training gear for any aspiring or experienced player. You will quickly notice the difference this tool makes in your skill and speed. The Star Kick solo soccer trainer helps players to improve ball control, reaction time and touch. Players can also work on passing and receiving, throw-ins and goalie practice. Get your own at: SKLZ provides athletes with the professional equipment required to get the absolute most out of your game. Browse our selection of soccer training aids as well as a wide range of equipment for all sports and activities.

SKLZ Quick Ladder Introduction The SKLZ Quick Ladder helps athletes to develop coordination, agility and quick feet. Additionally athletes can focus on fundamental skills such as rhythm, balance and body control that will help them get faster. Get your own Quick Ladder at

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Combo System

Available at: See the versatility of the Quickster soccer net, and the ways it can be used for many different training drills. Watch the quick and easy transition between the configurations of this soccer training equipment. 2 Nets, 1 Frame - quickly switch between the 8' x 5' goal for shooting and the rebounder for passing and receiving, using the revolutionary Quickster technology. The ease of the soccer training system allows you to set it up or break it down in under two minutes.

Para competir con eficacia en el deporte más popular del mundo, necesita los conocimientos bien entrenados, mucha práctica y un profundo conocimiento del juego. Ahí es donde entra en juego SKLZ. Ofrecemos el equipo de entrenamiento de fútbol más avanzado porque nos apasiona la innovación. Nuestros productos de formación puede ayudarle a refinar sus talentos, desarrollar una rutina de entrenamiento efectivo y afilar sus habilidades únicas a un borde fino. Lea a continuación para aprender más sobre nuestro equipo de fútbol, ​​y cómo le podemos ayudar a encontrar las herramientas adecuadas para sus ejercicios de campo.