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SKLZ Barrel Roller - Soft, Firm, Extra Firm

Like good therapists, our Barrel Rollers offer different massage pressures — soft, firm or extra firm. Each roller features an advanced roller pattern that aids in soft tissue release. Designed for pre- and post-workout use, Barrel Rollers not only massage soft tissues, they help you increase flexibility, rejuvenate and restore muscle performance. Roll it out. Available at http://bit.ly/1ouhKmS

SKLZ COREwheels Exercises

Get your SKLZ COREwheels at http://shop.sklz.com/strength/corewheels/invt/apdcw0102 This video features several exercises to do with your COREwheels for strength and stability. Exercises include beginner to advanced options to improve core and pillar performance. The COREwheels exercises will help your body prepare for all sports and general activity. 0:22 Perform a beginner level rollout with the COREwheels. 0:36 Lift a leg to make the rollout more difficult. 0:48 Perform a two hand rollout in an I, V, or T shape for more advanced variations. 1:11 Lift your knees off the ground and use an elevated position to perform a pushup and rollout in combination. 1:44 Michael Cummings tells you what to avoid and how to keep proper form. ========================== Find COREwheels and other strength training products at http://shop.sklz.com/performance/strength/icat/prfm-strength ========================== Find us on social: Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/SKLZ or #SKLZ Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/SKLZ Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/sklz or @SKLZ ==========================

SKLZ AccuBall

Get it here - http://bit.ly/1mt8NJ4 Keep the golf and lacrosse balls for golf and lacrosse. The AccuBall features a dual-density design that improves on the pressure point relief and massage properties athletes find in both balls. Roll against your body weight and use in hand to relieve tension and soreness and help speed recovery.

SKLZ offers a wide selection of training equipment and programs to hone and fine-tune your athletic training for any sport. We offer performance training equipment specially designed to increase your speed, vertical jump, strength, agility, flexibility and increase your responsiveness. As well many products will support your muscle maintance program and help to work on your soft tissue.

You can warm-up with our Mini-Bands and the variety of our Barrel Rollers, train with our innovative Speed Hurdles, Quick Ladders and for example Super Sandbag and afterwards you recover with the Massage Bar and various Accu products like the AccuBall or the AccuStrap that will help you recover quicker.