Softball / Training Bats


Hitting isn’t just about technique. A perfectly executed hit depends on your strength, speed, reaction time, and hand-eye-coordination. By training and conditioning for all of these variables, you will maximize your hitting performance and make the most of every single at bat. Training with weighted bats will dramatically increase your strength, while light and narrow bats will force you to focus on the precision of your swing performance.

Baseball training bats should be part of every team’s hitting strategy. Training bats are a critical component for pre-game warm-ups and strength and speed training. SKLZ batting training aids include bats for hitters of every level. The Power Stick helps develop strength in batting-specific muscles with 30 ounces of weight focused in a narrow diameter barrel. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the Quick Stick weighs in at just 12 ounces. The lightweight design makes for a great warm-up and reduces fatigue for more swinging practice. The Overload/Underload training system combines the benefits of both bats for targeted strength and speed training. Take your training to the next level with the lightweight Lightning Rod. Used with micro training balls, the Lightning Rod will dramatically improve visual acuity.  Make every hit count with training bats from SKLZ.