Softball / Pitching Machines


Baseball pitching machines are great for improving your hitting skills and strengthening your swing. For athletes that have perfected their form, but need to work on mechanics, speed, and agility, pitching machines can be an outstanding tool. They are easy to use and allow hitters to take numerous swings in a short period of time. Using machines as a performance and fitness tool will allow you to strengthen and improve your swing without tiring out your pitchers. As a baseball batting aid, pitching machines are a good compliment to live pitches, which are superior in their unpredictability.

SKLZ pitching machines are portable, durable, and efficient. The Thunder Bolt is a dual-wheel pitching machine with three speeds - up to 45 miles per hour. The angle is fully adjustable and the feed tube holds up to 12 balls. It’s the perfect solution for all skill levels. For working on both offense and defense, you can’t beat the Catapult. It can be set to automatically toss practice and regulation balls every eight seconds for hitting and fielding practice. The lightweight Lightning Bolt uses soft micro balls to help build visual acuity and hitting accuracy. Balls pitch at 30 miles per hour with a 5 second delay between pitches. For practice with a variety of pitching styles, plus grounders and fly balls, the Lightning Strike is a versatile and portable training solution.