Softball / Pitchbacks and Nets


When it comes to the game of baseball, or any sport for that matter, you get out of it what you put into it. With practice and dedication, you can improve the skills that will make you a valuable asset to any team. Passion for the game can go a long way, but training and practice will take you even further. Drills and training aren’t only for team practices. You can practice solo whenever you have the time. SKLZ line of professional and portable pitching training aids and practice nets allow you to train anytime, anywhere.

SKLZ Quickster nets set up quickly so you can practice at a moment’s notice. The 7x7 Baseball Combo System lets you switch effortlessly between a ball-catching practice net and a return net with a removable strike-zone target. The Rep Net 7x7 sets up fast and allows you to throw and hit more balls without having to chase them down. For a myriad of throwing and hitting applications, the Quickster 7X7 and 5x5 are simple, portable nets. The 5’ Pop-Up Net sets up in seconds for practicing multiple sports in the field or even the backyard, while the 7’ Practice Net is durable, lightweight, and multi-purpose for all of your training needs. The Youth Pitch Back effortlessly simulates ground balls, line drives, and pop flies for developing proper fielding technique and includes a strike-zone target ribbon for pitchers. SKLZ nets and pitch backs are unparalleled for a variety of solo and team practice applications.