Softball / Performance


Upping your game performance should include a comprehensive fitness plan that works on speed, strength, agility, flexibility, and of course, technique. A multidimensional approach will enable you to throw, catch, and hit better, while maintaining the level of fitness that the sport demands. By steadily increasing the demands of your fitness and training program, you will achieve the power and strength you need to perform your very best, motivating your teammates and challenging the opposition.

SKLZ softball performance tools will help you create a workout that meets your individual needs - building on your strengths, while addressing your weaknesses. A variety of massage tools and rollers will improve your warm-ups and aid your recovery workouts. For strength training, SKLZ has developed a myriad of resistance bands, straps, and portable weight-training tools to help you make the most of every workout. Agility ladders, cones, and poles will improve your reaction time and increase the speed of your direction changes. Stability balls and the Balanz Board will help you work on your overall flexibility for added endurance and resilience to help you outperform the competition. Wherever you are in your softball performance training, SKLZ has a tool that will take you further.