Softball / Batting Tees


Tee work is an important practice for perfecting your swing and should be taken seriously. Not only does it help improve hand-eye-coordination, offers instant feedback, and improves bat control, but tee work is a great way for hitters to swing through the ball and reinforce technique through concept and feel. Team practices often don’t allow players to swing enough, and limited swing time means limited power and technique. Tee stations are the solution to this problem, allowing hitters to work on their swing solo while gaining valuable practice and building strength.

The right softball batting tee for you or your team depends on a number of variables. SKLZ makes an assortment of tees for novice and advanced players. The Pro X Tee is a professional grade tee that comes with a single or triple positioning system. An adjustable pole and durable, steel base can withstand thousands of swings. The ultra-portable Spring Tee and Pop-Back Tee both return to their starting position, giving you time for more swing practice. The 360° and Power Alley 360° both feature a full range of motion for practice hitting of all types of pitches. The Travel Tee and Travel Tee Deluxe are the most portable practice solutions, with adjustable height and a sturdy tripod configuration. Hitting off of a tee is an important tool for developing a consistent swing and proper technique. Whether you’re practicing at home or on home plate, SKLZ batting training aids will advance your performance.