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Lacrosse is one of the most aggressive and strenuous team sports there is, requiring dedicated performance and an exceptional level of physical fitness. Lacrosse players are moving constantly as they attempt to maneuver the ball into the goal. Competitive players must possess power, strength, speed, endurance, and agility.  Attackers and defensive players have a greater need for strength, while midfielders need greater levels of endurance. Speed, agility, and aerobic training are important for all positions.

SKLZ has developed Lacrosse training equipment to advance every aspect of your game. For skill-specific technique building, players will benefit from the Powerbase Lacrosse, which is a multi-skill solo trainer created for improving passing, shooting, and catching skills. For attack work, the D-Man acts as a hands-up defensive mannequin, helping you learn to maneuver around the field.

An array of nets that are lacrosse-specific or more versatile will improve your game on the field or in the backyard. Lacrosse performance tools will enhance your general fitness and increase your flexibility, speed, and agility. In this category you will find massage rollers, stability balls, agility cones and poles, and a variety of strength training equipment for team or solo practices. In addition to these quality Lacrosse tools, SKLZ also offers packages for developing specific skills, and a range of accessories for an easier transition from practices to the rest of your day. Get the best results for your efforts, on and off the field, with Lacrosse training tools that work to bring out the best athlete in you.