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SKLZ Catapult - Pitching Machine

Soft Toss Pitch Machine and Fielding Trainer Work on both the offensive and defensive aspects of your game with the SKLZ Catapult. Use regulation baseballs for soft toss or to practice footwork and glove-hand ball transfer. Or use 9" plastic balls for pop fly practice. The unit adjusts for height and distance and serves balls every 8 seconds. Available at: http://shop.sklz.com/pitching-machines/catapult/invt/stm0100002

SKLZ Quickswing PX4 Introduction

http://sklz.com/ The Quickswing developed by MLB payer Joe Mauer is great but the Px4 is 4 times greater than that. With the addition of the rebounder ballplayers can work on tee style batting, soft toss batting, turn-around double plays as well as the original gravity drop swing training. You can get your own at http://sklz.com/

Baseball Fielding: Line Drill

Being aggressive is one of the best ways an infielder can make plays and avoid bad ball hops. Steve Bernhardt from Baseball Factory shows a great drill to work on charging the ball.

SKLZ has created an array of diverse baseball training equipment designed to improve your individual skill in the field, on the mound, or at the plate. Our line of baseball training tools includes swing trainers, batting tees, pitching machines, fielding trainers, bats, balls, and pitch backs - plus a variety of unique accessories and packages to help you tailor your training regimen for both individual and team practices.

Amateur and professional baseball players are often superb all-around athletes, many of whom use a comprehensive training program to maximize their performance. Workouts and practices that include strength, flexibility, speed, and agility training will add variety to your workout and help you stay on top of your game. To enhance each element of your technique and maximize your individual skills, you’ll need to train consistently - all while steadily building up your speed and strength.

An array of swing trainers work with individuals or pairs to develop swing power and technique, and enhance speed for optimum overall performance. Pitching machines are another way to improve swing accuracy for both softball and baseball players. Hitters, pitchers, and fielders will make use of our pitch backs and nets for a variety of solo and team training drills. Training bats and balls help you find that sweet spot during batting practice, while perfecting speed and accuracy and developing strength. Up your game and improve your performance with baseball equipment and accessories that go the extra mile to bring out the elite athlete in you. Whatever level of training you’re looking for, SKLZ has got you covered.