Soccer / Perfectionnement


Your passion for the sport drives your desire to improve and dominate. Our soccer skill training gear will help you do just that. You can configure multiple courses to work on your favorite drills with the passing arcs, or you can set up goals during solo or team exercises. The six passing arcs are made of durable plastic for a long life, meaning they are easily able to withstand tough training environments. They are also portable and lightweight. In addition, they break down easily and store away in a convenient carrying bag.

For practicing alone, try the Star-Kick solo soccer ball. You can work on your touch endlessly without having to chase the ball. You can practice anywhere to develop confidence, sharpen techniques, and enhance passing, shooting, receiving, ball control, juggling and throw-ins. The hands-free training lets you maximize the number of kicks with better mobility, and the belt and ball sleeve will turn any soccer ball into a personal soccer trainer.