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SKLZ Dribble Stick

10 Breakaway Belt Training Drills The SKLZ Reaction Belt, also referred to as a breakaway belt, should be used for a variety of chasing and shaking drills to improve acceleration, change of direction and to promote body control in offensive & defensive scenarios. It is a great football training aid for players of all skill levels! This video provides 10 different drills that cover both offensive and defensive techniques including: Lateral Mimic, Lateral Mimic with Clap & Race, Linear Mimic, Seated Get-Ups, Hallway Chase, Triangle Chase, Racetrack Chase, Figure 8 Chase, Jungle Chase and Double Break. Also includes detailed real-time and slow motion takes of each drill. Set up courses with SKLZ Agility Cones. Get your own at Visit our website to find our full range of football training gear including the breakaway belt and much more! SKLZ provides pro level equipment at great prices.

SKLZ D-Man Basketball Trainer

Get your SKLZ D-Man at The SKLZ D-Man is the ultimate defender for solo or group practice. Using the D-Man will encourage proper shot trajectory, ball-handling skills and overall on court awareness. ========================== Get your SKLZ D-Man and other basketball training products at ========================== Find us on social: Instagram at or #SKLZ Facebook at Twitter at or @SKLZ ==========================

SKLZ Vám ponúka široký výber tréningových pomôcok a programov na vylepšenie Vašej hry. Sú dizajnované špeciálne na to aby zlepšovali Vašu rýchlosť, výskok, silu, agility a reflexy. Nezáleží na tom či ste amatér alebo profesionál, určite si u nás nájdete to svoje.