Fútbol / Rendimiento


Soccer demands speed, agility, strength, precision and highly developed techniques in order to beat the competition. SKLZ provides soccer speed training equipment to make the most efficient use of your practice.

Agility cones and poles will teach you how to accelerate, decelerate and change directions on the fly with accurate timing and body control. These work well for all sports training programs, and are a staple at evaluation combines. Agility trainers feature high-visibility colors to mark off training courses, and they are simple to rack or break down for easy storage and transport.

Ladder drills are a must for increasing speed and agility for soccer. The Elevation Ladder, Quick Ladder and Speed Hurdles give you the flexibility to improve acceleration, lift frequency and foot strike to enhance your maneuverability on the court or field.

Another training technique utilizes speed chutes to maximize your acceleration through progressive resistance. They offer features such as quick release buckles and rotation belts for ease of motion.