Golf / Putting


When it comes to putting, it’s important to keep it natural and not overthink your shot. Envision your target line and roll the ball along it, straight into the hole. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Putting, like any other golf swing, takes a bit of finesse and technique, but really the most important tool is continuously practicing your set-up and stroke so your hands know what to do in every situation.

SKLZ putting training aids offer unique solutions for golfers training to improve their putt. If you’re having trouble aligning your shot, putting mirrors can help you find the perfect path from ball to hole. The Putt Pocket further strengthens your path alignment by forcing you to hit to the high side of the hole. Putting greens allow you to practice your shots anywhere, for improved performance. The Perfect Plane training board helps you develop a stroke that is sure and true, at just the right speed. For all-round putting practice inside or out, the putting bundle will help you get on track and stay there. Whether you work the course for fun, fitness, or competition, you can take your putting skills to the next level with SKLZ premium putting trainers.