Golf / Distance


Driving the golf ball farther and straighter off the tee is every inspired golfer’s goal, whether you’re just starting out or playing with the pros. If you’re training to lengthen your shots and get a power boost on impact, SKLZ unique line of golf swing aids can get take you where you need to go. Optimize your impact speed, improve your position, and put some power behind your swing with these effective training tools for the backyard or on the course.

The Power Position is a weighted swing plane and grip trainer that is perfect for strengthening key muscles and perfecting your power positions for both distance and accuracy. The Gold Flex Swing Trainers will improve your strength, flexibility, and rhythm naturally. The Tempo and Grip Trainer allows you to work on grip and timing, even when you can’t get outside. Warm-up and build your golf muscles before every round with the Power Sleeve portable club weight or the Swing Accelerator Driver. With continued practice, your swing will lengthen and loosen, providing you with the power, strength, and speed you’ve been working toward. Lower your score and add yards to your range with SKLZ distance trainers that help you power your swing.