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Training for ice hockey takes place all year, every season, and on any surface. How you train off the ice will impact your total game, speed, agility, skills, and ability to control the puck and dominate the ice rink. Balance, lightening quick response times, and explosive lateral speed are critical for blowing by your opponents. SKLZ hockey training equipment will put you on top of your game, hone your skills, and exploit your natural talents, giving you the competitive edge.

The Lateral Resistor develops your lateral speed and first-step agility by training you to maintain proper body positioning. Moreover, the equipment will strengthen the lower body muscles, including the abductor and hip flexor muscles. The Lateral Resistor features adjustable padded Velcro ankle cuffs that fit most athletes, and two durable flexi-cords of varying resistance.

With the SpeedSac, you can build and develop explosive leg drive and speed. The variable weight sled lets you strengthen lower body muscle groups with resistance training similar to metal sleds. The weights are removable, which allows you to change the towing resistance. In addition, the SpeedSac features handles on the bags, used for performing a variety of lower and upper body exercises: including front raises and lunges. The SpeedSac performs on turf, grass, or wood surfaces, and it will work to increase your 40 yard dash times, explosiveness, and overall speed. It includes three durable weight bags, and each can hold up to 10 pounds of sand. The adjustable leash works for athletes of just about any size.