Performance / Fitness


An active lifestyle and regular fitness training are important for everyone, not just athletes. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends resistance training, flexibility training, and 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity every day for maximum health benefits. Whether you’re training to maintain health, reach personal goals, or excel in a sport you’re passionate about, the benefits of fitness can’t be overstated. Regular fitness training will increase respiration, circulation, muscular capacity, flexibility, and balance - helping you to live a healthier, more active life.

SKLZ has created a variety of fitness training equipment to address your individual needs. Challenging and fun to use, our training tools will add variety to your workouts and help you achieve your personal fitness goals. We carry an array of bands that work as versatile and portable resistance trainers for upper and lower muscle groups. Stability and medicine balls are perfect for balance work and core stabilization, while mats, rollers, and bars help you create a challenging and unique exercise program. SKLZ also offers storage solutions for your performance tools and a complete set of training equipment to help you jump-start your fitness regimen. Achieve your fitness goals with training equipment that works as hard as you do.