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SKLZ Massage Bar

Unlike other hard to hold bars, the Massage Bar gives you more massage pressure control with its mountain bike-inspired grip. Designed with a unique ball bearing system and grooves for deeper tissue manipulation, the Massage Bar helps increase muscle oxygenation, add flexibility and stimulate active muscle recovery. Get it here - http://bit.ly/1wNsbRl

SKLZ Super Sandbag - Performance Training

Develop total body strength, stability and endurance. Get your SKLZ Super Sandbag http://www.sklz.com/performance-training/strength/super-sandbag This versatile training tool allows you to execute countless training exercises, working your upper and lower body. Develop explosive power on-demand. The removable weight bags can be used as soft weights to increase the intensity of any drill or exercise. ================================ 0:10 SKLZ Super Sandbag Introduction 0:17 Increase power and stability with lunges 0:25 Build your upper body power with the SKLZ Super Sandbag 0:31 Use the SKLZ Super Sandbag to develop lower body explosiveness 0:35 Build total body strength 0:46 The SKLZ Super Sandbag has handles =============================== Get your SKLZ Super Sandbag and other training products at http://www.SKLZ.com ========================== Find us on social: Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/SKLZ or #SKLZ Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/SKLZ Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/sklz or @SKLZ ==========================

Accupoint Pectoral Minor

This is the pect minor release using the SKLZ Accupoint. This move helps improve the mobility of your chest and decreases your risk of shoulder pain and injury.

SKLZ offers a wide selection of training equipment and programs to hone and fine-tune your athletic training for any sport. We offer performance training equipment specially designed to increase your speed, vertical jump, strength, agility, flexibility and increase your responsiveness. As well many products will support your muscle maintance program and help to work on your soft tissue.

You can warm-up with our Mini-Bands and the variety of our Barrel Rollers, train with our innovative Speed Hurdles, Quick Ladders and for example Super Sandbag and afterwards you recover with the Massage Bar and various Accu products like the AccuBall or the AccuStrap that will help you recover quicker.