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SKLZ Impact Baseballs

Get Impact Balls here: http://bit.ly/1EvEgjP Constructed with proprietary pop-back material similar to the material used to make car bumpers, Impact Baseballs keep their shape and won’t crack like standard practice balls—even after thousands of swings. Built to provide instant feedback on contact, they help hitters tune their swings to find that all-important sweet spot. 0:10 SKLZ Impact Baseballs Introduction 0:15 Rip daily with SKLZ Impact Baseballs 0:20 Indestructible balls versus Whiffle Balls 0:25 Pop-Back Technology Collapses versus Cracking 0:35 Available in Baseball, Softball, and Mini Sizes 0:40 Ball players taking swings

SKLZ Thunder Bolt

This 3-speed batting trainer can be used for baseball and softball players of all levels. The dual-wheel construction throws training balls up to 45 mph and promotes even release pressure for increased accuracy. Get it here - http://bit.ly/1q02wRI

SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 Introduction

Get Your SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 Here: http://bit.ly/1Qn2PXE The SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 solo baseball swing trainer allows batters to work on their swing mechanics, hand-eye coordination and ball contact through repetition training. Adjust positioning and tension to practice a variety of pitches, while getting instant feedback on each swing. -Adjustable Height 29"-43" to practice high strike zone pitches -No tools needed -Multi-twist mechanics provide feedback on bat speed and power -Easy setup and storage -Can be used for static tee practice or as a dynamic moving target 0:07 Introducing the SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 0:11 SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 Solo Baseball Swing Trainer 0:20 Focused Repetition Trainer 0:27 Example of hand-eye coordination with the SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 0:36 Feedback on Power and Bat Speed 0:44 See the SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 adjustable height 0:56 Adjustable power resistance bands 1:07 Set up SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 for inside and outside pitches 1:16 Get your SKLZ Hurricane Category 4 at SKLZ.com

SKLZ has created an array of diverse softball training equipment designed to improve your individual skill in the field, on the mound, or at the plate. Our line of softball training tools includes swing trainers, batting tees, pitching machines, fielding trainers, bats, balls, and pitch backs - plus a variety of unique accessories and packages to help you tailor your training regimen for both individual and team practices.

Amateur and professional softball players are often superb all-around athletes, many of whom use a comprehensive training program to maximize their performance. Workouts and practices that include strength, flexibility, speed, and agility training will add variety to your workout and help you stay on top of your game. To enhance each element of your technique and maximize your individual skills, you’ll need to train consistently - all while steadily building up your speed and strength.

An array of swing trainers work with individuals or pairs to develop swing power and technique, and enhance speed for optimum overall performance. Pitching machines are another way to improve swing accuracy for both softball and baseball players. Hitters, pitchers, and fielders will make use of our pitch backs and nets for a variety of solo and team training drills. Training bats and balls help you find that sweet spot during batting practice, while perfecting speed and accuracy and developing strength. Up your game and improve your performance with baseball equipment and accessories that go the extra mile to bring out the elite athlete in you. Whatever level of training you’re looking for, SKLZ has got you covered.