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SKLZ Star Kick Introduction

http://www.sklz.com/ There are many aspects to soccer training, and you can easily practice with a solo soccer trainer! The solo trainer allows players to practice ball handling and reaction time, without the use of a partner. This is a necessary piece of soccer training gear for any aspiring or experienced player. You will quickly notice the difference this tool makes in your skill and speed. The Star Kick solo soccer trainer helps players to improve ball control, reaction time and touch. Players can also work on passing and receiving, throw-ins and goalie practice. Get your own at: http://shop.sklz.com/skill-trainers/star-kick/invt/sk0119506 SKLZ provides athletes with the professional equipment required to get the absolute most out of your game. Browse our selection of soccer training aids as well as a wide range of equipment for all sports and activities.

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Nets

http://shop.sklz.com/nets+goals/nets/icat/netsgoals-nets Practice makes perfect in any sport. Set yourself up for success with the ability to practice soccer fitness training, and improve your most important skills at the same time. Allow practice for goalies and strikers simultaneously with a portable soccer net from SKLZ. 0:08 See how quickly you can construct a SKLZ Quickster Net. This video shows the ease and simplicity of setting up the Quickster soccer net. These SKLZ Quickster portable goals are the quickest to set up nets available. Practice solo or with a team anywhere as these nets are portable. So even if you are on the road, these easy to set up and break down nets are perfect to bring along. Sizes Available: 12x6 - http://shop.sklz.com/goals/quicksterr-12-x-6-goal/invt/12qks000 8x5 - http://shop.sklz.com/nets+goals/quicksterr-8-x-5-goal/invt/qksscr802 6x4 - http://shop.sklz.com/goals/quicksterr-6-x-4-goal/invt/qksscr602 When you’re ready to step up your game and reach the next level of play, look to SKLZ for the best selection of training aids and equipment anywhere. Our professional-grade soccer training gear will boost the performance of any athlete, regardless of skill level or age. ========================== To learn more, visit http://www.SKLZ.com ========================== Find us on social: Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/SKLZ or #SKLZ Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/SKLZ Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/sklz or @SKLZ ==========================


The SKLZ Goal-EE is a foldable soccer goal that opens and closes in seconds. When folded, the goal can fit just about anywhere. The 4' x 3' frame is ideal for practice or short-sided scrimmages. Available at: http://shop.sklz.com/nets+goals/goal-ee-4-x-3/invt/golee00004

To compete effectively in the world’s most popular sport, you need well-trained skills, plenty of practice and in-depth knowledge of the game. That is where SKLZ comes in. We offer the most advanced soccer training equipment because we are passionate about innovation. Our training products can help you refine your talents, develop an effective training routine, and sharpen your unique skills to a fine edge. Read below to learn more about our soccer gear, and how we can assist you with finding the right tools for your field drills.

Agility poles offer several ways to improve your practice sessions and increase your foot speed, agility, and dribbling skills. You can position the agility poles in patterns to design unlimited training paths. Use them as obstacles or markers as well. We offer complete sets that break down for easy storage, and they include carrying bags for easy transport.

Learn to sharpen your passing and ball handling with the passing arcs. Improve your dribbling performance by including the passing arcs in your obstacle course drills. Configure goal targets to use during solo or team practice. The durable plastic construction will last through many team drills. Whatever you want to improve, SKLZ has the training gear to help you get strong for soccer.