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6 Weeks of Spring Training: Week 1, Getting the Rust Off

Week 1 of Spring Training should be dedicated to getting back in the groove of things. Start hitting, throwing and fielding without too much attention to mechanics.


The Bullet Band resistance trainer allows players to work on key throwing muscles while maintaining a throwing grip. It also engages stabilizer muscles for injury prevention. Take it anywhere and attach to any stable fixture or door with the dual-purpose anchor. http://www.sklz.com/sports-training/baseball/conditioning/bullet-band

SKLZ Zip-N-Hit Batting Trainer

Find the SKLZ Zip-N-Hit at http://www.sklz.com/baseball/zip-n-hit-pro/SZH01-000-04.html The SKLZ Zip-N-Hit Pro is a great swing trainer that teaches you how to hit on top of the ball while producing line drive swings. This product can be used just about anywhere and pitches up to 65 mph for repetition training. This baseball training equipment simulates curveballs, sliders, fastballs and changeups for the ultimate batting practice without a pitcher. 0:10 The Zip-N-Hit is perfect to practice making contact. 0:18 Practice line drive swings. 0:26 Learn to stay on top of the ball, wherever it comes from. 0:30 The Zip-N-Hit is easy to set up and practice anywhere. 0:46 Put in unlimited repetitions without chasing balls. ========================== Get your Zip-N-Hit Pro and other baseball swing trainers at http://shop.sklz.com/baseball/swing-trainers/icat/baseball-swingtrainers ========================== Find us on social: Instagram at http://www.instagram.com/SKLZ or #SKLZ Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/SKLZ Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/sklz or @SKLZ ==========================

SKLZ hat eine Vielfalt an Baseball Trainingsequipment entwickelt um die individuellen Skills auf dem Feld zu verbessern. Das Sortiment beinhaltet Equipment für den Schwung, Pitching und Fielding Trainer, Schläger, Bälle und Pitch-Backs, sowie eine Vielzahl von einzigartigen Accesoires und Paketen, um dein Training individuellen wie auch Teameinheiten anzupassen. 


Verbesser dein Spiel und deine Leistung mit Baseball Equipment, das den extra Schritt geht um den Sportler aus dir heraus zu kitzeln. SKLZ bietet dir für jedes anvisierte Level alles, was du benötigst, um erfolgreich zu sein.